With its versatile new flypack, the LA CityView Media Group (Channel 35) can hit the road to capture events live and on location throughout Los Angeles.

fly11Triton managed the design/build of the system, including testing, commissioning and training. Burst supplied the equipment: Panasonic HD cameras, Clear-Com wireless intercoms, Lectrosonics transmitters and receivers, AJA recorders and players, and more.

The feature-rich, portable studio packs efficiently into five cases for easy transport and assembly and can take a beating in the field. Basic productions can be run by a single operator; more advanced productions may require up to three flypack operators and crew to manage five or more cameras, as needed.

With its flexible, modular design, CityView can quickly grab the cases needed for a particular shoot. For example, cases one and two contain everything needed for basic field productions: handheld cameras and associated recording equipment. For more advanced productions, however, cases three through five are needed as they house ENG/studio-style cameras and advanced audio equipment, a larger mixer, a wireless intercom, and apparatus for fiber connectivity and wireless streaming needs.

Regardless of the configuration and sophistication of the production, LA CityView’s flypack is an easy-to-use, plug-and play system with fast, foolproof assembly. Cables are color coded and number-ordered for quick connectivity, and equipment is organized to streamline setup.

Technical highlights of the CityView’s new HD flypack include:

  • Five portable cases that can interconnect depending on the complexity of the production
  • Configured for 13 inputs, with the 13th input being either HDMI or VGA as an input
  • Compix single channel Character Generator
  • AJA 32×32 HD video routing switcher
  • Ten channels of AJA KiPro recording with 16 multiviewer for monitoring record or other signals
  • Four (with option for five) professional Panasonic ENG cameras with local P2 recording and studio back configurations allowing for full camera shading control
  • Sixteen-channel audio mixer with feeds for recording, intercom and IFB
  • ClearCom two-channel Intercom system with RTS conversion interface
  • Four channels of Lectrosonics IFB with two channels of wireless IFB
  • AJA External Frame Sync/Up/Down cross converter with HDR capability
  • Grass Valley optical fiber video extension
  • Teradek Wireless IP Streaming extension
  • Matrox Internet Streaming encoder

The project began in February and was live in the field in mid April.