Q: Why has Key Code Media acquired Burst Communications?

A: Key Code Media’s vision and strategy is to become the preferred system integrator for media, broadcast, and AV technology solutions. Burst Communications has a 27 year legacy of excellence in Broadcast Engineering and AV, which directly compliments Key Code Media’s leadership in editorial, storage and asset management. Embracing broadcast technology from its inception, Burst has grown to be an industry leader in broadcast integration for TV stations, sports, churches, local government and education. Burst also has a strong presence in the Corporate AV space, designing conference rooms, classrooms, lobbies, and large-scale digital signage installations.


Q: How will this announcement affect Burst and Key Code employees?

A: We do not anticipate that this will affect employees of either Key Code Media or Burst Communications. We will, of course, be able to exchange best practices and we anticipate that this will open up wider career opportunities for both Burst and Key Code Media employees as we build on the united opportunities of both organizations.


Q: How will Burst fit into the structure of Key Code Media?

A: With coverage in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Southern California, Burst Communications will operate as a new division of Key Code Media, maintaining its existing team, processes, and systems. In the new year, both Key Code Media and Burst will gain access to a powerful new CRM/ERP/Project Management system which should automate and improve operational experiences for customers and staff.


Q: What will happen to the senior leadership team at Burst Communications?

A: Kirk Basefsky (CEO and Founder of Burst Communications) will transition into retirement within the next few months. Rest assured that Burst will continue to provide the same great service you have come to expect. Stan Giordano (Controller for Burst) will become COO/General Manager of the Burst Communications team and will directly report to Mike Cavanagh, Key Code Media’s founder, and President.


Q: Will there be any streamlining and consolidation of facilities and services?

A: The majority of Burst Communications’ facilities are not located in the same cities as those of Key Code Media and there are no intentions to change at this time.


Q: Will Burst Communications become Key Code Media or keep its brand identity?

A: We will be co-branding Burst Communications with Key Code Media. Burst Communications has very strong brand values and associations and we want to ensure that these are captured and retained to the benefit of all. Burst will service clients under the name Burst Communications, a division of Key Code Media.


Q: How will this impact current projects and/or the ‘preferred vendor’ status of Burst Communications?

A: Burst Communications will continue to operate as a separate business entity, however, Key Code Media is now the legally responsible party.  All clients and deployments should see no impact.


Q: How will this acquisition affect invoicing and payment?

A: Burst Communications will remain as a separate entity, operating under the DBA “Burst Communications”. There should be no immediate changes to how companies should invoice or submit payment to Burst Communications.



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Kirk Basefsky, President